Sunday, March 27, 2011

-beautiful sunday- has been a very long time i didn't post any entry yet since last January...& now march is coming to the end...hehehe...too bz n too lazy to layan dis kind of solely depends on my mood..sometimes i feel really into it n sometime the other way round.. n notice 1 thing..starting to sign in whenever i feel unhappy..sad???errr...not really..actually i really confuse with my own feelings..hehehhe...anyway..who cares..i just wanna talk with someone right now n u r the right person who i can talk with...yeahh...uuuuuuu... =)

ooppss...y my intro is too long ya? title is a beautiful sunday..but seems i ran out of the topic..hehehe
so let's back to the's really a beautiful sunday....woke up in the mownink as usual..n prepared myself to pick up my fren melody going for bfast @ mc D...y suddenly go bfast there? hehehe..coz we have free coupons...with min purchase of rm5...can get 2 big bfast for free...hik2...reach there ~8am n aza is waiting for us... queuing for about half n last we settle with our orders..berbaloi2....hehehehe

10am going back home..n rest..coz got an appointment with melody again @ 2.30pm..go where? ^_^ watching movie lerrr...hehehe..hikayat merong mahawangsa...that's the name of the movie that we watched just now..really enjoy n full of spirit watching this kind of movie..tabek spring to abg yusry...kah kah kah..luv dis movie so much! 5 stars from me...

done with the movie n it's time to isi perut...starving as we skipped our we had our dinner @ secret recipe..nyum2... brownies + s'pore laksa for cik pel n caramel + curry cfood laksa for misz melody...too much for us actually..n we can't finish it..feel sorry to the food..huhuhu

ok...time to go home...n reach home sharp at 8pm...gud nyte world...hehe
thanks to melody for luvly sunday =)