Monday, July 19, 2010


Alhamdulillah..interview tadi running smoothly..xbape nk nervous la..quite relax n it's more to chit-chat..

There are 2 interviewers (section manager n manager)..the manager keep on asking me wut make me interested to apply for this post n join facility?? Coz he said my background is matched with my current job..yeah..he's rite..n i just answered that i want to learn new things n gain more knowledge/experience that i can't get it from YE (yield enhancement). But seems like he's not satisfied n few times he asked me the same question..hahah..

Wut else?? Quite a long interview (half n hour)just talking about the work in general..n asking me about my current job..n also brief me about the job that i'd applied...

From wut they've mentioned to me this post offer me to work physically that i really wanted bfore..

I really hope they will offer me this job...amin~

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Dat day i did mentioned 'bout leaving my current group..i tot i've decided to stay..but who knows i received an email offering me to go for an interview last few days..quite surprised but it motivates me to go for harm to try.. So tomorrow at 2.30pm i'll go for the interview.. Wish me luck ya..hope that i make a right decission ;)

Monday, July 12, 2010

-issue arja lee-

Xtau pun kewujudan arja lee klo xbaca paper pancaindera last week.. Rsnye issue ni la plg bnyk page dicover dlm st paper.. Hahaha

sape budak ni?? I pun xknal.. Xde plak mke die dtempel skali..hurmm tp kenapr die je yg dipersalhkan yer?? Yg lain2 yg ade kt ctu blh je nk bantah or tolak kputusan die kn.. Sy pun xpaham..btul la org kata.. Iman manusia hanya senipis kulit bawang.. Byngkn betapa nipisnyer..harap2 bertaubat nasuha la mereka yg terlibat..

Bg kt yg masih ade iman dlm diri sm2 la amik perkara ni sbagai iktibar dan jg tingkah laku kt sbagai umat islam.. Insyaallah

Thursday, July 8, 2010

-wanna change work environment-

Yesterday morning.. When i reached office..i turn on my pc n as usual 1st thing to check is of coz my mail lor..n there's 1 mail that attracted my eyes.. IOP (internal opportunity program??) email from HR recruit.. There're 4 vacancies n 1 of them is the one that ever wanted before n wish that i can apply for it..without thinking further, i straight away click the apply in procedure, once we click apply button the notification mail will be sent automatically to our supervisor n HOD..they must approve the application first bfore it goes to HR for the shorlisted candidates...

During the morning meeting my sv was asking me did i do anything different today??that is non standard from my daily job..hahahaha.. She sounds very sarcastic.. I just laugh..hahaha..n smile at her lor.. Then she asked us (my team) to have an open discussion..y should i leave my team n apply for another different job (still in the same company actually)i told them y i want to do so.. 1st thing is i started to feel bored doing my daily job..too many tired liaooo..besides,i would like to try new things..furthermore i'm more intrested in electrical instead of electronic which is the one dat i'm doing now..sigh~~~

then after some chit chat with my team especially my opa..Seems like..arghhh juz forget 'bout leaving the team n juz stay there.. Hurmm ok... At least i know that my team still need me.. Thanx to all ;)